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Cosmébio is a French association for Organic Cosmetics. As an ambassador for organic cosmetics, its goal is to highlight the benefits of organic cosmetics, put in place high standards for this market and to make sure that each consumer has access to this information, no matter their profile.

Cosmebio - a history of 19 years as a mark of trust for consumers

Cosmébio was founded as an association in 2002, at a time when consumers were becoming increasingly aware of the dirty underside of the chemical industry. At this time, there were no regulations governing natural and organic cosmetics. So brands were free to make claims that their products contained a high level of plant-based ingredients. When very often in reality, plant extracts made up less than 1% of the total product. The marketing was much greener than the actual product. The founders of Cosmébio felt the fervent need to address this issue and protect consumers from such corrupt practices. To fight back against the famous 'greenwashing' we hear so much about. So around 10 laboratories joined forces to draw up a set of specifications for natural and organic cosmetics. These criteria were meant to provide a reliable yardstick for making the right consumer choice in the maze of different marketing claims. The Cosmebio Charter was the first of many fruits born from this working group. Soon to follow came the specifications, which were inspected by Ecocert and Bureau Veritas, because French legislation doesn't allow for an association to take on such a task. These specifications became known as the COSMOS-standard, which today encapsulates Cosmebio's technical commitment.

Our projects

Nestled in the heart of Drôme, the Cosmébio team is based just next to Valence, striving daily towards:

•Helping to enhance the skills of professionals in the field: each year we organise over 20 training courses and webinars to train our members on aspects that affect all different company spheres.

•Helping to boost market development: we are constantly posting messages and sending out information on a daily basis to share our philosophy with consumers. We also regularly take part in trade shows and set up meetings between professionals within the sector to help them create opportunities and build their networks.

•Standing up for consumer interests: we work closely alongside a whole host of different entities to make progress and steer things in the right direction. We are members of the Mouvement des Entrepreneurs de la Nouvelle Économie (Movement for New Economy Entrepreneurs) and Natexbio (French federation for organic processors and distributors). We also frequently work alongside the association COSMED and Ecotox (French scientific platform for research into ecotoxicology and environmental toxicology). We regularly question government ministers on issues we consider to be cause for concern.