Terre de Couleur

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Terre de Couleur
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6 rue de Chatenay, 37210 Rochecorbon, France
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Nazish Munchenbach
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452 360 266 00038
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0 - 100 $
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Terre de Couleur is a bio-tech cosmetic company. We specialize in detox treatments for hair and scalp care as well as in 100% plant hair color.
Our safe and efficient products also make them the ideal choice for those going through complicated medical procedures such as chemotherapy or for specific cases such as pregnancy, allergies, etc.
We have two product lines, both containing hair care and color products :
- Professional Range : highly prescriptive and ultra personalizable range exclusively for distribution in hair salons. The results of our anti hair loss treatments, irritated scalp treatment, detox treatment have all been proven in independent laboratories.
- BioTolerance Range : clean beauty products distributed in pharmacies and organic stores.
We also produce for 3rd parties.