SAS Alexis Biette 1882

Pays de la Loire

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SAS Alexis Biette 1882
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10 rue Voltaire, 44000 Nantes, France
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Marielle Ravily
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0 - 100 $


AB 1882 is first and foremost a family-owned company and back in 1882, Alexis Biette wrote the first chapter of our story, when he acquired a candle production site. As years went by, his company was able to diversify. They began to sell soap for laundry, for washing, as well as perfumes. The company expanded for years on end before the consequences of the Second World War suddenly plunged it into years of silence and oblivion. In 2020, Marie Giffo, Alexis’s great-granddaughter, took over the helm. She refused to abandon her family’s heritage to its century old sleep, and jointly founded AB 1882 with Marielle Ravily, a professional fragrance evaluator. Together they woke the brand up again and brought it firmly back into the twenty-first century. To achieve this, they are basing themselves on AB 1882’s history to foster conscious and elegant dynamics in French haute parfumerie. Natural ingredients, made in France, use of craftsmanship and local know-how: nothing was left to chance to propose perfumes that match today’s consumer expectations. From its packaging to the finished product, they create fragrances that sublimate everyday life. In the future, they want to make solid skin perfume, that is nomad and alcohol-free their specificity, thus guaranteeing you authentic and sophisticated perfumes.