PCW France

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45, bd Marcel Pagnol, Parc Aromagrasse, 06140 Grasse, France
Full name
Megan Paki
Made in
PRODUITS FINIS- Parfums, Bougies, Parfums d'Ambience et Matières Premières
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337 530 372 00057
V.A.T number
FR77 337 530 372


PCW Is a multi-faceted fragrance business founded in 1986 in Grasse, France.

At PCW we make perfumes, candles and home fragrances for clients all over the world.

We also sell fragrance ingredients directly through our webstore - www.directpcw.com 

Our mission is to create high quality fragrance products customised to your requirements with the knowledge and savoir-faire developed over many years.