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Naadam Nature
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32 avenue de Canteranne, 33600 PESSAC, France
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Anne-Sophie Casellas
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0 - 100 $
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North America
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Omum is a positive, healthy and effective skincare brand, a privileged partner of pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as a companion to all women.
Omum was built on motherhood expertise, and gives access to all women to cultivate their well-being with pleasure and kindness.

• An IN & OUT range:
o IN: certified ORGANIC * cosmetics composed of ingredients of natural origin, no frills.
o OUT: natural beauty food supplements, without additives or excipients.
• A French brand which manufactures its products in the South-East and South-West of France and in the Center region
• Vegan formulas **
• Products that can be used from the 1st month of pregnancy and / or compatible with breastfeeding

Omum is 20 products making up 6 ranges:
1. Stretch marks: a comprehensive IN & OUT solution for the prevention and correction of stretch marks, for a peaceful pregnancy
2. Face: essential to preserve beautiful skin from all the vagaries of motherhood, and beyond: imperfections, dehydration, sun damage, tired complexion ...
3. Hygiene: a complete IN & OUT routine to put an end to too aggressive cleansing treatments
4. Targeted care: expertise to effectively meet specific needs: heavy legs, massage, dehydrated skin, lack of firmness
5. Hair: a practical and effective IN & OUT treatment to slow hair loss and boost hair regrowth
6. Infusions: a sparkling duo for relaxing and gourmet breaks in all serenity for mother and baby.
7. Also find Omum treatments in boxes and packs!