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Olivier Lemaire International
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270 RUE DES FUSILLÉS, 59493 Villeneuve d'Ascq, France
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Olivier Lemaire
Fondateur dirigeant / founder ceo
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0 - 100 $ between 100 and 300 $
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Middle East


The birth of Maison LEMAIRE... the starting point : to create very high quality, exclusively natural skin care products in order to bring well-being, tangibility and creativity to the muffled world of cosmetics.
A leitmotiv : to base its developments on an overflowing inventiveness in order to magnify the woman and the man with exceptional care.

The birth of an inclusive brand, Maison Lemaire, the emblem of oxymoron, has imagined exclusive "Haute Couture" formulas to sublimate all women and reveal each one of them with exceptional treatments that tell the story of moments in life. Each care product bears witness to a precious memory to be preserved, recognising itself in each collection, according to its personal needs and aspirations.

Spearheading Olivier Lemaire's cosmetic innovation, the products are made with fresh materials. Unusual formulas, new, with previously untried principles. Cosmetics are reinvented and reinterpreted to transcend the universal beauty of women.
When originality meets pre-cellence, with 100% natural active ingredients, highlighting absolute naturalness. Pure concentrates of excellence to enhance the beauty of everyone.

A symbiosis of active ingredients combining minerals, plants and noble materials to beautify everyday life and reveal healthy, radiant skin, whatever its age.

Expressive materials skilfully selected, because formulating care products is an art, and Olivier Lemaire excels in this exercise.
A plethora of products, a range of textures, light and airy or dense and enveloping, the substance comes to life and melts on the skin to meet all its needs.
Committed care, because today's women and men are looking for healthy, effective products to adorn their bathroom and accompany them in their daily lives.

The art of differentiation: the flagship of natural skincare, all our ranges are labelled 100% natural.
An art also deployed in the treatment room. The virtuosity of Olivier Lemaire is also expressed in the cabin. A specific technicality labelled "art touch" perfectly combines products and treatments.

Today we offer you :
5 tailor-made ranges, an immersive experience at the heart of the brand. 5 ranges cradling all types of beauty for all ages and all skin types, not forgetting the treatments dedicated to men which are added to them.
SQUIRREL, the art of moisturising and purifying the skin in complete safety.
VENIN DE SERPENT, An exclusive, relaxing anti-ageing range, to blow away expression lines in an instant.
CULTURE PEARL, The ideal answer for sensitized and aggressed skin. 
The epidermis regains soothing and serenity, whatever its skin type.
The BLACK ROSE, the quintessence of anti-ageing care with a first treatment, a bi-phase oil for the face
And the WHITE TRUFFLE, the noblest variety, originating from Italy, with anti-ageing and lightening properties. When cellular regeneration rhymes with a beauty routine. An exceptional global anti-ageing range.

The brand is multi-faceted and there are many insights: focus on the philosophy, the active ingredients, the graphic charter.... All the elements are visible on the website and on the networks. Each year we offer new and innovative formulas.
Discover Olivier Lemaire on your favourite networks and join us.