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71 avenue Foch, 75116 PARIS, France
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Laurence Bonard
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0 - 100 $ between 100 and 300 $
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The ultimate Parisian brand, MATIS has been sharing its professional expertise for more than 80 years. MATIS has built its success on its art of French skincare, its unique personalized treatments and its salon experience.

At 71, Avenue Foch, in the 16th district of Paris, the MATIS teams develop tailor-made skincare products and protocols for a unique sensory experience. Always listening to women, MATIS offers a treatment for each... a ritual... a tailored solution.

The MATIS Center for Research & Development takes inspiration from the latest scientific advances in medicine, molecular and cellular biology to create specialized care. MATIS offers formulas adapted to every type of skin problem.

Each (name of the various lines) “Réponse” is therefore unique and personalized, extending and complementing the effectiveness of home skincare.

At MATIS, every protocol, technique and innovation is tested over long periods of time, because what has always been most important is results, satisfaction and the well-being of women, while respecting their individuality.

MATIS formulas are highly concentrated, offering fast results and emphasizing the most potent active ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and AHAs) as well as the most precious (such as caviar). Textures that give pleasure reflect the French epicurean tradition. Combined with the beauty therapist’s technique, they offer the most receptive treatment conditions, for visible, lasting results.

Matis products are MADE IN FRANCE. The wole operation site boasts ISO 22716 certification guaranteing the brand commitment to quality.