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Maison Laugier
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6 rue Thomassin, 69002 LYON, France
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Elodie Campagne
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We imagine perfumes based on precious moments. These moments when we wish we could put everything on hold to leave space for what we regard as ephemeral grace, those that don’t always appeal to the olfactory senses. We strive to recreate them through perfume.

Maison Laugier loves to tell stories and then enable your imagination to seize hold of them. Impregnated with a certain amount of romanticism, our creations are modern, luxurious and always elegant and carry both meaning and dreams. Our collection expresses itself free of artistic boundaries, with an innovative spirit and the desire to bring freshness into the world of niche Perfumery.

Our Perfumer has created bold chords, respecting the traditional art of French Perfumery. The result is a collection of exclusive perfumes that reflect the richness and diversity of exceptional raw materials as well as a collection of home perfumes and beautiful scented candles that combine mineral and vegetal wax.

We wish you a memorable experience.