Maison de Parfum Berry


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Maison de Parfum Berry
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35 rue Damiette, 76000 Rouen, France
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Cécile Vialla
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819 640 806 00017
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FR 75 819 640 806
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Maison de Parfum Berry, an independent perfumery, aims to transmit Norman culture and heritage through stunning scents that tell the soul of Normandy in a new and original way. It is a company deeply rooted in its territory and carried by its local ecosystem. Maison de Parfum Berry created Collection35: total artistic freedom for noble ingredients made in Grasse, short circuit, exceptional raw materials ... Collection35 is the uncompromising demand for passion, innovation and excellence. The result? Luxury perfumes marked with the personality of creators and created in an ever more responsible way. This collection was born from Corpo35 Perfume Awards, the international competition created by Maison de Parfum Berry that reveals the talents and perfumers of tomorrow in order to spread and democratize the culture of designer perfumes. These audacious and innovative perfumes reflect a young and original identity in the avant-garde of perfumery.