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Lili Margo SAS
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14 rue Ernest Renan, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
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Paul Chauveau
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North America
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Our 100% made in France Skincare brand is an invitation to all women, of all generations, to belong to the sisterhood of modern women who appreciate effective, natural and refined skincare.
Lili Margo connects generations through Lili's nature-loving side and Margo's confident expertise.

Naturality and environmental protection is at the heart of the origin of the brand:

• The name of the house is inspired by two flowers, and the products are formulated with an average of 95% natural ingredients.
• We prioritize French active ingredients in order to reduce our ecological footprint through transport.
• Our products are designed with secondary packaging that is 99.9% recyclable.

Our team of 14 scientific experts has carefully selected patented and natural active ingredients that meet the strictest safety standards to create exceptional products with delicate flower scents, adapted to all generations.
This know-how and the effectiveness of our products have been clinically proven by in vivo studies, clinical tests and by the validation of industry professionals such as therapists, institutes and doctors in pharmacies.

Lili Margo’s skin care products combine science and nature so that women no longer have to choose between effectiveness and naturality.