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Laboratoires Mansard
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10, rue de la Paix, 75002 PARIS, France
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Arnaud Mansard
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"For over 40 years, the Laboratoires Mansard are engaged in manufacturing honest and respectful cosmetic products based on the inherited family values.

Our philosophy has always been to propose high quality products respecting 3 fundamental principles:

Avoid the ingredients that are dangerous for the human and for the planet
Promote French companies and their know-how
Stimulate research and development of our cosmetics to guarantee their efficiency and safety for the most sensitive skin
Respect of those values ​​allows us to obtain exceptional, ethical and committed products.

Today, a product from the Laboratories Mansard is first of all:

A guarantee of active ingredients (the creams have a concentration of over 30%)
Participation in local trade
Promotion the work of local companies
Safety (the whole range is suitable for people suffering from allergies or skin problems)
Quick and visible results
Herbalism philosophy: the power of plants at the service of our beauty

As a result, you are using real French cosmetics"