Laboratoire Sentéales


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Laboratoire Sentéales
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11 rue du Colisée, 75008 PARIS, France
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Alban Behagle
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0 - 100 $ between 100 and 300 $
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North America
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Laboratoire Sentéales is recognised for the complex art of blending plant extracts and natural essential oils produced using environmentally friendly extraction processes.
With meticulous care, Sentéales designs and manufactures in France, the home of modern aromatherapy, high-performance products that are an invitation to a unique sensory experience.

The laboratory SENTÉALES offers care with a high rate of naturalness, with, at the heart of the range, the 4 elixirs of aromas (Douceur, Précieux, Pureté and «Insolente Jeunesse»), using the botanical extracts and essential oils of magnolia, camellia, Damascus rose, black orchid, bitter orange, myrrh…

Sentéales offers a cosmetic of a great efficiency in order that the skin recovers balance and vitality.

Sentéales is also acknowledged for its responsible performances aimed at building up a desirable future and returning in part to nature what Sentéales owes it.