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Labophyto SAS
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638 Route de Villefranche, 69480 Anse, France
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Yannis Schwarck
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Compléments Alimentaires
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Labophyto - Supplier of plant-based supplements

Labophyto laboratories specialize in the development of food supplements for Sexuality and Fertility. Its innovative formulas based on plants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, concern in particular aphrodisiacs, for men and for women (MenBooster and TopDesire, Hot Drink for men and women), virility (MenSize XL), premature ejaculation ( MaxiControl), sperm volume and quality (MaxiVolum, Zinc and Vitamins B6) and fertility (Fertitop for men and women).
Labophyto Laboratories obviously offer the most renowned active ingredients in the field of well-being: Maca, Muira Puama, Arginine/Trib., Zinc, Ginkgo Biloba... Labophyto Laboratories are uncompromising with quality and safety: manufacturing and development 100% French, tests and quality controls, traceability of ingredients, nutritional and health claims in accordance with European laws.