La Savonnerie du Nebbiu


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La Savonnerie du Nebbiu
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Lieu dit Morta Majo, 20253 Patrimonio, France
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Laetitia Straforelli
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Savon artisanal et cosmétiques naturels
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La Savonnerie du Nebbiu is a Corsican family business created in 2006. We make handmade soaps and natural cosmetics with the scents of the Corsican identity, using the ancestral method of cold saponification, in order to preserve all the benefits of the oils used.

All our soaps are 8% superfatted and made by us from A to Z, in our workshop located in Patrimonio, in Corsica.

We favour organic and local raw materials for the manufacture of our soaps and natural cosmetics. Our products are recyclable and biodegradable, are not tested on animals and do not pollute the water or the earth during manufacture and use.