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La Bo&ssie
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60200 Compiègne, France
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Anne-Sophie Deckherr
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0 - 100 $
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La Bo&ssie offers cosmetic treatments with active probiotics for the balance of the skin flora.

The treatments are used as a 28-day cure
La Bo&ssie offers 4 active care products adapted to each skin type.
The "Equilibrant Correcteur " care is formulated for oily to combination skin and acts on pimples
The "Hydratant Éclat du teint" care is formulated for dry skin and acts on the hydration and radiance of the complexion.
The "Apaisant Unifiant" care is formulated for sensitive skin and acts on redness and to soothe.
The "Revitalisant Lissant" care formulated for mature skin and acts on wrinkles and firmness.

The effectiveness of the treatments has been proven under dermatological control.

La Bo&ssie offers also 4 floral waters adapted to each skin type and 2 cleansers.

Adopt a simple la bo&ssie routine to regenerate your skin barrier for perfect skin protected from free radicals and therefore protected from premature aging.

The treatments are natural, organic and made in France.