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9 rue de la Grande Borne, 77990 Le Mesnil-amelot, France
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Wafa Khalfet
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Française, laboratoire interne
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Kalia Nature, Caribbean Benefits for your hair.

Kalia Nature was born from the desire to transmit to all the art of taking care of their hair by highlighting the know-how of the Caribbean at the heart of its formulation.
Our range is produced in our own laboratory in France and is dedicated to texturized hair : wavy, curly and kinky.

Kalia Nature offers a large choice of conditioners, shampoos, leave-in, jellies, balms and milks to maintain your hair moisturized and nourished.
Our key ingredients such as hibiscus, sapote and nettle are carefully selected and 100% natural to optimize hair growth and health.
Our products are available for both consumers and professionals.

If you want to learn more about Kalia Nature, you can visit our website www.kalianature.com and check our instagram @Kalianature.