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INTERLAC | Lady Green | Manetik | Soleil des Iles | Soleil des Cimes
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8 Rue de la Kaltau,, 67150 Hindisheim, France
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Fabrice Burger
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INTERLAC France has over 140 years' experience in its field. As a company with a robust, responsive and flexible value chain, we strive to provide complete solutions to meet your business needs. Our main objective is to support you in the realisation of your converting projects. However, our contribution doesn't stop there; we also develop, manufacture and market several of our flagship brands:

LADY GREEN is a natural and organic cosmetics brand dedicated to women, specialising in skincare for blemished skin since 2012. The brand promotes beauty products that respect the skin and the environment, with innovative formulas combined with high-quality organic ingredients to offer a natural and effective skincare experience.

MANETIK is a cosmetics brand dedicated to men, offering a range of products specially designed to meet the unique needs of male skin. Their line offers simple and effective solutions for skin and personal care, while taking a firm commitment to an environmentally friendly approach through the use of organic and sustainable ingredients.

SOLEILS DES ILES is a brand of beauty and skincare products renowned for its tropical island-inspired formulations, offering an experience of well-being and relaxation. It offers a diverse range of products, such as sun creams, tanning oils and after-sun lotions, to help consumers protect and enhance their skin under the sun.

SOLEIL DES CIMES is a skincare brand that draws its inspiration from the mountains, using natural ingredients from alpine regions to deliver a refreshing and revitalising beauty experience. The range offers high-quality products that nourish and protect the skin while evoking the well-being and purity of snow-capped peaks.