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La cité du végétal - 14F Route de Grillon, 84600 Valréas, France
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William Burckel
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5000 m²
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Located in the heart of the Cité du Végétal in the Vaucluse valley, this family-run company invites you to enter its haven of well-being where you will be taken care of....
Galeo is an international and family company founded in 2001.
Specialising in aromatherapy, cosmetic and home fragrances, the company has launched a variety of product ranges, all developed with care and natural or organic ingredients and made in France, with the greatest respect for the environment.

- Catalog of more than 370 references.
All products are translated in french, english and netherland.

- Products designed entirely in-house.

- Network of 2500 customers in France and more than 30 countries.

- Team of 8 sales representatives in France and French overseas territories.

We have been certified with the Committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) label, “advanced” level, by AFNOR Certification.
We chose this label, which is based on 3 criteria: economic, social and environmental, to confirm our contribution to sustainable development.
This label has an extremely strict set of requirements, with more than 50 criteria examined according to the ISO 26000 standard, in line with Galeo’s vision:

"Our watchword is to produce and offer responsible consumption. We urgently need to take environmental concerns into account and apply practical guidelines to allow sustainable development. As a French company specialising in well-being and organic and/or natural products, the constant improvement of our offer is one of the cornerstones of Galeo’s vision. Developing high-quality products using organic and/or natural ingredients, made in France, using high-grade, recycled and recyclable materials, with no waste, high added value and respect for consumers and the environment – this is what our long-term vision is all about.” Remy Burckel, CEO.