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130 Rue de Turenne, 75003 PARIS, France
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Emilie Dewell
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FO’AH Perfumes was founded by His Excellency Abdulla Al Masaood, heir of one of the oldest families in Abu Dhabi, and by a young French woman raised near Grasse, Emilie Dewell.
To symbolize the encounter of the two very different personalities and experiences, they chose the Palm Tree, an age-old symbol of hospitality and generosity. Translating those values into the universal language of perfume, all FO’AH’s fragrances are formulated around the scent of the “Tree of Life”, a green and delicate note which has never been used in perfumery before.
FO’AH’s first Collection Mémoires d’une Palmeraie” is inspired by the journey of merchants along the Silk Road who used to gather in the oases to trade flowers, woods and spices of exceptional quality.
As a result, our perfumes are formulated with the noblest ingredients that were found along this legendary trade road.
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