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Florêve Paris
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120 rue Jean-Jaurès, 92300 Levallois Perret, France
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Sebastien Corman
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810 474 908 00045
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Florêve Paris is a nutricosmetics brand founded in Paris by Joyce Wang in 2015. By associating traditional Chinese herbalism with French biotechnology, it has created a range of [IN] and [OUT] products for the health of the skin, hair and body

- Scientifically proven results by clinical studies
- Strict formulation process: Active ingredients - Vitamins and minerals - Natural antioxidants
- 98% natural ingredients
- Environmentally friendly packaging: recyclable glass, fibers from sustainable forests, recyclable plastic.
- Made in France

Florêve Paris has created a new holistic beauty that acts both inside the body and on the surface of the skin for a more effective and lasting action.
For thousands of years, nature has provided us with precious ingredients with multiple powers for body and soul. Traditional Chinese medicine knows nature's best kept secrets, which are often overlooked or forgotten in the West.
By combining ancestral beauty rituals from Asia and cutting-edge technology in France, Florêve Paris selects the most precious natural ingredients and transforms them thanks to French pharmaceutical know-how, to deliver concentrated efficiency in an ampoule. It is this alliance of know-how from two cultures that makes Florêve Paris unique.

Fascinated by the beauty of France and the French, Joyce Wang learns the language of Molière and flies to Paris, her pharmacist diploma in hand.
She discovers how beauty is a daily struggle for women. That at each furtive moment, at each moment of stress, at each period of fatigue, the daily life of women pushes them to doubt, to waver and to question this beauty so fragile ...
So Joyce sees in it the bridge that she can build between her increased knowledge of herbalism, her scientific training, her ancestral heritage of Chinese philosophy, her taste for innovation and her resolutely sincere and determined character ...

From the surprising combination of the synergy of Chinese and French cultures, the in-depth knowledge of herbalism and sensoriality, the Florêve Paris brand is born.