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8 rue d'Amboise, 69002 Lyon, France
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Frederic Burtin
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Founded in 2006 and specializing in skincare and fragrances, EXPERIS is a team of experts dedicated to the beauty industry. We are a consultancy firm specialized in brand and product creation, innovation, and formula development, with a 360° expert profile and a strong commitment to quality and sensorial textures. Our "Haute couture" process pays meticulous attention to details and relentlessly pursues excellence.

EXPERIS is organized into three cohesive poles (Create, Invent, Formulate) covering the entire spectrum of product development, from the first idea to final formula. Our unique methodology offers a personalized approach to your projects and vision, making your dreams a reality.

We develop all kinds of premium and potent products in our in-house lab, including alcohol or water-based fragrances, perfumed body lotions and creams, perfumed shower gels, serums, essences, cleansers, creams, balms, and more.

We manage all stages of development for you, ensuring regulatory compliance, efficiency, stability, scale-up, and industrialization of your products.