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Everest cosmetic
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102 avenue des Champs-Elysées, 75008 paris, France
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Yoann Rauf
Everest cosmetic
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Cosmétiques capillaires
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We created EVEREST COSMETIC in 2011.
At the time we were an import/export distributor and wholesaler in the cosmetics sector. After several years of operation we questioned our activity. We wanted to launch our own brand of hair cosmetics SHANDRANI Easy Pouss.
Our Shandrani brand has developed strongly around a flagship product, the hair growth elixir.
Aware of the potential of our formula, we decided to democratize hair growth and fall arrest. That’s why we decided to create a range of daily care and for all hair types. To make this a success, we invested in our own research and development lab.
In 2012, our Earth Cosmeo Laboratory gave us immense freedom of action.
Moreover, we can now meet the changing expectations of the cosmetics sector. Thanks to our laboratory we can guarantee the quality and efficiency of all our products. Since then, we have created 26 products and plan to create more.
In 2020 we decided to clarify the organization of the company, the brand and its ranges.
EVEREST COSMETIC is now the parent company facilitating the import/export activities of cosmetic products. SHANDRANI becomes the trademark.
EASY POUSS is our classic range, whose efficiency and quality is no longer to be proven as popular by the users.
This range is entirely dedicated to fall protection and hair growth in daily care.