Eugène Perma


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Eugène Perma
Business address
1/7, RUE DU 19 MARS 1962, 92200 Gennevilliers, France
Full name
Patricia Esnaud
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Executive name
Didier Martin
Executive role
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Export Presence
North America
Middle East


EUGENE PERMA is a French, independent, owner-managed company that has been exclusively dedicated to the beauty of hair for nearly 100 years.

Through its expertise and the high performance of its products, EUGENE PERMA has established a reputation as a key player in France as well as around the world. It is the leading independent French company exclusively dedicated to hair color and hair care.

Its complete independence from creation to distribution allows EUGENE PERMA to envision, create and develop all of its products. They are first designed and developed by researchers from the Research & Development division located in Paris, then are manufactured in its production facility based in Reims (Champagne Ardenne region of France).

EUGENE PERMA also enjoys an international presence, as it operates in over 56 countries located around the world. It has a strong presence in Europe, with its main subsidiary located in Barcelona (Spain).

It is both the Group’s ongoing innovation and its strong ability to adapt which have made EUGENE PERMA successful in France and abroad.