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5 avenue Lionel Terray, 69330 Meyzieu, France
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Forraz Nico
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CTIBIOTECH develops pre-clinical tests on human cells and tissues and realistic models in the fields of skin biology research for applications in dermatology, cosmetics, medical or aesthetic devices.

CTIBIOTECH operates an accredited scientific biobank of human cells and tissues with a capacity of 55,000 samples from consenting donors. Our biosourcing department offers a wide variety of access to relevant models from donors with specific inclusion criteria: gender, skin localization, phototypes, age, etc.

For cosmetic applications, our CTISKIN division specializes in standard or customized models to evaluate the efficacy of ingredients, formulas or finished products.

Our models are of three types

Ex Vivo: skin biopsy, scalp biopsy, baby skin model, model on sebaceous glands, etc.

In Vitro: with tests on human cells of one or more types.
Keratinocytes, Fibroblasts, Sebocytes, Melanocytes, Dermopapillus, immune cells etc.

3D bio-printed skins: Our 3D bio-printed skins have a defined structure with a functional basement membrane separating a dermis (containing fibroblasts) from the epidermis (containing keratinocytes at different levels of maturation/cornification). These models are derived from single human donors and can be supplemented with other cell types depending on the model required for the efficacy claim sought.
For example, the immune system (involved in inflammation or allergies), melanocytes (involved in pigmentation) or sebocytes (involved in acne, oily skin, dry skin).
Research on the involvement of the M1 and M2 immune pathways in the different stages of inflammation has led us to produce models suitable for screening the safety and efficacy of ingredients, formulated or finished products, aesthetic or medical devices.

We work in 3 ways:

CTIBiosourcing=> Delivery of the models in the laboratory of the partner according to a specification defined together

CTISKIN-Test=> product test by CTIBIOTECH on our models.

CTISKIN-Open Innovation=> co-development of a model specific to a theme and associated scientific communication if relevant (recent collaborations: Beiersdorf, BASF BCS, Yves Rocher, Gattefossé, Expanscience, Wipro, Shiseido,Mibelle, Kosé etc).

We assist our partners in their experimental design to implement customized efficacy and toxicity tests in our laboratories in Lyon, France to demonstrate the following claims:

-Anti-acne/dry skin lotion/oily skin lotion
-Sun protection
-Soothing effect
-Regenerating effect
-Revitalizing effect
-Skin Care
-Hair care
-Products for sensitive skin
-Cytotoxicity tests
-Metabolism tests