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10 avenue des Genevriers, 74200 THONON LES BAINS, France
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Patrick Jambon
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First brand to import the traditional Aleppo soap in liquid form and to introduce the 100% natural alum stone in pharmacies in France, Le Sultan d'Alep offers artisanal and natural products, tested under dermatological controls.

Concerned about the ecological impact on the environment, we make it a point of honour to use olive oil and laurel berries from local production in Northern Syria. Treated naturally by a strong wind present throughout the year in the region, the organic matter is picked by hand for optimal preservation. Thus, the soap we offer is totally pure, without any trace of pesticides.

To assert ourselves in this environmentally friendly approach, we have developed a Liquid Aleppo Soap certified Cosmos Natural.

We make products under our own brand name, but we can also produce products for your brands (customised packaging, soap engraving .... ).