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Ceresine was established in Marseille (France) in 1926 and has been working since then on the production and refining of waxes and wax derivatives for industries worldwide. Formerly known as La Ceresine and Baerlocher France, Ceresine is committed to deliver products and services that conform to the highest quality standards and at competitive prices. The company is certified ISO 9001 for the management of Quality and ISO 14000 for the Management of Environment. Ceresine’s waxes and derivatives are used in several industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical, candles, art casting and metal casting, ink and paints, grafting, bee keeping or food.

Thanks to its long lasting know-how on wax processing, Ceresine is able to offer standardized products that are conforming to the highest standards such as European Pharmacopeia, ISO requirements or Ecocert and Cosmos. Its refining units, chemical reactors and mixing tanks can produce several thousands of tons of waxes annually, both in pellets and in powder. Products are shipped in France, in Europe and worldwide where the customers are located. The strong knowledge on waxes allows Ceresine to deliver tailor-made formulae that match every customer’s requirement.