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6 rue Barbes, 92532 LEVALLOIS PERRET, France
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Jacky Brunet
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Bioprox is the food industry and biotechnology solutions subsidiary of Proxis Développement, an independent French industrial group with an international presence, and which offers products, services and solutions to the agrofood industry.

Its affiliation with Protex International, a French chemicals industrial group, enables it to achieve positioning as one of the key actors on the agrofood market.

Founded in 1932, Protex International has been run by the Moor family for 3 generations, perpetuating the spirit of enterprise and innovation which drives it.

Bioprox is a French specialist in the production of freeze-dried lactic starter cultures (acidifying and aromatizing starter cultures, and bioprotection starter cultures) for manufacturing dairy products (yogurt, fermented milk, cheese).

Bioprox is also a producer of liquid lactic acid concentrate (using the NIZO method), of culture media, and of specific lactic bacteria for butter production.

Bioprox now holds a dominant position on the French and European markets and is confirming its international presence in Africa, America and Asia. Benefiting from the diversity of tastes, which are fundamentally culturally based, Bioprox sells in over 40 countries either directly or via agents and distributors.