Body balm - Vermeil

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Like an intoxicating imprint on the skin, the Dream Balm will envelop you in a bewitching and magical softness. Its combination of two oils dresses the skin in a delicately iridescent veil for a luminous finish. Upon application, the balm transforms into a dry oil that is quickly absorbed. It lightly prolongs the trail of your olfactory signature.

Vermeil: A trail like a line of red, a poetic wave that evokes rice powder and exudes beauty...


Made in France.

Product Information

Events ESXENCE 2023
Product Packaging Jar
Product Ingredients Fabriqué dans le sud de la France, votre Baume Onirique est réalisé de façon artisanale. Coulées à chaud dans un pot, les deux huiles qui le composent se rencontrent et cristallisent ensemble dans un effet pailleté, entièrement naturel, qui sublime la peau en l’irisant subtilement.
Product Brand Bienaimé