Benu Blanc


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Benu Blanc
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1 Chemin du Tracollet, 38113 Veurey-Voroize, France
Full name
Fanny Redziniak
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Made in
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FR11 848 365 912
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between 100 and 300 $
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Benu Blanc, a top-of-the-range French cosmetic-textile company, is creating a new generation of skincare products that advances the effectiveness of cosmetics while promoting the utmost respect for the physiological mechanisms of the skin and hair.
In cosmetics, silk is very often present in the form of proteins for its moisturising virtues. In contact with the skin and hair, the silk fibre will allow the cells to continue to metabolise and regenerate.
Benu Blanc has developed a new protocol for all skin types: the Nuit de Soie beauty and well-being ritual.
Nuit de Soie, winner of a Victoire de la beauté award in the Top innovation category, is a treatment composed of a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase and a care mist containing silk peptides. It guarantees skin balance, hydration of the skin and hair and offers absolute relaxation.