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APIMAB Laboratoires
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Avenue du lac, 34800 CLERMONT L'HERAULT, France
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Aurélie Bernard
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Treasures from the beehive
What began back in 1979 with one beekeeper's love of the
bumblebee has become a thriving business producing
natural treasures from the hive and is now run by that
beekeeper’s children. Located in the South of France our
company APIMAB Laboratoires has always striven to
create and manufacture the finest natural care products,
food supplements and cosmetics for the whole family
based on beehive products - mainly propolis, this natural
antibiotic, the beehive’s defender.
We are committed to supporting the French Beekeeping
Association in their efforts to protect our bees and their
ecosystems and we work hand in hand with the entire
beekeeping sector. We can guarantee you :
- More than 40 years experience in beehive-based
- Laboratory-quality propolis extracts thanks to
unique process of transformation and purification
- Products made in-house
- Natural products with high potency due to the high
concentration of active ingredients
- Organic certified cosmetics by COSMEBIO which ally
the virtues of the beehive products with those of
- Products in high demand during health crisis
Natural care products, cosmetics,
food supplements and pet products
Our main brand PROPOLIA includes more than 100
products, from therapeutic products for sore throat,
vitality and immune system to body care products and
specific skin care without forgetting a complete line for
our four legged-friends.
Our second brand SOLBEIL - a small and fine line -
focuses on the pharmaceutical market.
Our hive of workers would be very happy to spread its
products in your markets to care and enhance your Wellbeing
and Beauty in the most natural way.