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82000 MONTAUBAN, France
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Cloé Lucas
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Since 1998, Actichem, a French family company, has been developing and producing natural active ingredients from grapevine extracts: monomers and oligomers of Resveratrol.

We have patented a unique extraction process of Resveratrol and its derivatives from vine shoots and vine roots. Our high quality and sustainably produced ingredients are manufactured in France using raw materials harvested exclusively in the famous French vineyards.

Actichem’s extracts are 100% natural, GMO-, paraben- and allergen-free, vegan and not tested on animals. Sourcing only local, natural resources, the company extracts its active ingredients from renewable parts of the vine that are often considered as waste: upcycled vine.

We offer different standardizations of our extracts, so you can choose the easiest for you to formulate and you can meet the needs of your customers: powder or liquid form, natural and ECOCERT versions.

We have developed three ingredients targeting a range of skin and beauty products which have undergone different technical and clinical studies proving their efficiency:
- RESVERATROX®: Healthy aging and anti-pollution
- VITISIN®: reduction of age spots
- VINIFEROL®: slimming and anti-cellulite